Gloster, Mississippi

Gloster, Mississippi is a small, rural community in South Central Mississippi, near the border of Louisiana.  The community is rich in culture and heart, but is suffering from industrial polluters and limited state resources.

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We are putting on EARTH 2023 to uplift the community of Gloster and raise awareness about the linkages between socioeconomic disparities and environmental injustice that this community and many others across the country face. 


Population: 885

% Black/AA: 77.14%

% White: 22.86%

(World Population Review, 2022)

Poverty Rate (2019): 54.7%

(Data USA)

Gloster. MS Water Tower
map of Gloster, MS proximity to Drax Biomass and Homochitto National Forest
Gloster, MS Home
Gloster, MS Home

Photo credit: Dogwood Alliance